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A work of literary history to be treasured.

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Killer in the Rain by Raymond Chandler. It was the pulp detective magazines of the s and s where Raymond Chandler made his name as a connoisseur of the hard-boiled detective story.

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  • Legendary master storyteller Stephen King is at his best in this collection of short works delivering chilling stories on a multitude of themes including morality, the afterlife, guilt and, of course, death. What makes this collection so special is each story is prefaced with a note from King on when, why and how he came to write each one, giving a fascinating insight into his writing process.

    A Collection Critique

    But now, in a wonderfully unique collection, eleven of these previously unseen investigations are uncovered in true anarchic style. Fans of the Bryant and May series will also enjoy an exclusive look into the Peculiar Crimes Unit and more insider treats. Poe is a master of the grotesque and never fails to surprise with his short stories, which are a celebration of horror, madness, violence and the darkness of humanity.

    His uniqueness of imagination shines through every tale and his cracking characters and tumultuous twists and turns of the narrative will keep you on the edge of your seat. A collection to enjoy again and again. Offshore by Ann Cleeves. Eight islands, all off the coast of the UK, are the settings for the eight strikingly different cases featured in this collection.

    Lord Arthur Savile's Crime and Other Stories (FULL Audiobook)

    Capturing the spirit of each island, an array of detectives unearth secrets, lies and hidden truths. Here, Resnick is reprieved in twelve bite-sized stories, including two which have never been published before. Stranded by Val McDermid. Val McDermid is a force of nature of crime writing and this volume is no different. Have we missed a criminally good collection of crime short stories?

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    Let us know in the comments below…. Join the discussion Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Please note: Moderation is enabled and may delay your comment being posted. There is no need to resubmit your comment. By posting a comment you are agreeing to the website Terms of Use. Iook on them as true-fiction, Both these authors served with special forces all over the world,and their stories are all about their covert combat situations,They are really worth a good read.

    Get our latest recommendations, competitions and ebook deals to your inbox every week. Are you human? The Beat Goes On by Ian Rankin Ian Rankin is a connoisseur of the short story genre, amassing an array of shorter work as accomplished as his novels.

    The King In Yellow (in other fiction)

    Mr Campion and Others by Margery Allingham First published in , this assortment of classic murder mysteries sees master sleuth Mr Albert Campion tested against thirteen dastardly cases, which prove to be as charming as they are inventive. But the content is equally satisfying. The story begins as a well-observed portrait of an elegant Manhattan bohemian of a certain age, then takes a more serious turn when the bohemian realizes too late that a neighbor has interpreted his teasing, solicitous affection as an insult.

    Immediately upon entering, Espeseth feels under spiritual assault. Espeseth and his family have come to see the orcas in a primal display of aquatic life that is all the more jarring because it takes place in the most manipulative consumerist atmosphere imaginable. The power of the story resides in the silent inner hysteria it evokes, which Lethem shatters at the very end, with an ecstatic family reunion in front of an audience of hundreds.

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    • Lethem works in an interesting literary space between realism and absurdism, modernism and postmodernism, satire and a particular brand of DeLillo-inspired darkness. His talent is large and, as these stories demonstrate, his eye as sharp as ever. What I have missed in his novels, however, is a certain animal force. What they were emblems of, for Yeats, was the naked heart. For Lethem, the naked orcas may be just the right emblems to guide him forward.