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Many of the animals, such as Tasmanian devils and quolls, had been hit by cars and needed rehabilitation. I fed them, cared for them, avoided getting bitten — especially at meal times — and cleaned up after them. And, when they didn't survive, we buried them and felt their loss.

9 Inspiring Stories That Prove Your Dream Job Is Out There—and Your Dream Company Is Hiring

Working at an animal sanctuary sounds dreamy but the behind-the-scenes work can often be difficult and heartbreaking Credit: Alamy. The work also extended beyond animal care; one of my tasks was to clean the public toilets. Was it my dream job?

It turns out, we often fail to think about the tedious minutia that is likely to be involved in what we consider to be our ideal job and how it might fall short of our expectations. What this means is we often have an unrealistic hopefulness that new situations will make us feel significantly different in a grass-is-always-greener mentality.

People anticipate that winning the lottery will bring immense joy. In my case, it meant that I was letting my emotions play out my future: thinking about spending time with fascinating animals and not the manual work. And, while we're often encouraged to get a job doing what we love, the downside is that maybe we just like the idea, not the reality. That was certainly the case for Sue Arnold, 46, who had long-held aspirations of becoming an archaeologist.

Arnold, a secretary in finance in London, describes how she loved the classic films about Tutankhamen and the race to discover the tombs of the pharaohs in Ancient Egypt. With this in mind, she signed up for an archaeological dig to uncover Roman ruins in Dorset, in the UK.

RN Dream Job in USA - A Short Film of My Career Story - Part 5/5

While she knew it was unlikely she was going to change history digging up treasures, she was still disappointed at the experience. Discovering artefacts is a memorable experience but do you have the patience for the meticulous work needed for archaeology? Credit: Alamy. While she still loves reading about history and plans to go to Egypt, she plans to do so only as a tourist.

Why do we fail to consider that dream jobs have downsides? And partly, it's to do with our expectations.

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The opposite of this is also true. If you have been working at a job for 20 years, you may have forgotten just how difficult it was to get where you are today. While my career comes to a standstill for now, I'm making sure it doesn't affect the other side of life…. I recently did a few posts about this on my blog. I quit my job at a small non-profit, doing event planning, to go to grad school for accounting and be a CPA.

Kind of the opposite of most people's career changes! But for me it was totally the right choice. It was terrifying but totally worth it.

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I recently quit my job in the public school system, and am in the process of re-evaluating my career goals. This post is so inspiring, and a great way to stay motivated towards finding the job I was meant to have! It is also inspiring to read about someone who took an extremely creative love music and found success in a job that may not have the fame and fortune of being a famous pop star or cello player , but allows the poster to pursue her dream of music within her career!

So glad you found a dream job! I think I found mine in teaching and it's wonderful not hating work or feeling tired from sitting at a computer all day! I work in special ed and we have a music therapist art too and They're wonderful and the kids love them! I really needed to hear this. My current job sucks. It has sucked for a while but the paycheck and being the sole bread winner in the household makes for some though choices about jumping….

I don't particularly like my job, to be honest… I mean, it's not my dream job, but it's not the worst and thankfully, it's related to some of my interests. I do want other things for myself, but I am really grateful with what I have going for me right now, even if it's not exactly my favorite thing to do, most days. Emma, thanks for sharing your story — I am going to check out your blog in just a moment. I relate to much of this.

I went through a four year university as a music major because music is what I do — nothing else makes sense. I got an office job and gigged for a while on the side but eventually lost all my energy from sitting in front of the glowing screens 8 hours a day.

How to define your dream job in 3 easy steps - Job Application Academy

I have been sitting here for 4. I get very stressed about money, and hustling as a musician makes me tired, but sitting silently and doing data entry yup, me too! I've thought about music therapy but don't know if it's the right course for me — perhaps I'll email you to talk more about it. Congratulations on finding work you love! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Start here! Home Start Here About Contact. This is the story of Emma and how she left a job she hated for one that she totally, totally loves.

How fantastic, right? Can you tell us a bit about yourself? Hi there.

I now live in Nelson, via Wellington and Dunedin. In my spare time I love to hula hoop and go for long walks. I spend lots of time looking for houses I would like to live in we are trying to buy our first home , plan my impending nuptials, look after our two kitties, play Lady Gaga on my cello, pretend to play the banjo, and hassle my fiance about getting a puppy. What did you study at university? What were your first jobs out of school like? I always loved playing music, and really just wanted to do that all the time, so when I finally got to the University of Otago after failing high school and taking a year off , I had decided on doing a bachelor of music, endorsed in contemporary music.

My confidence was really shot after failing school, so Uni was a big risk for me. Once I had passed my first 6 months, my confidence went up and I decided to do a second degree in Film and Media Studies. Now check your inbox to confirm your subscription. There was an error submitting your subscription. Please try again. Email Address. While my career comes to a standstill for now, I'm making sure it doesn't affect the other side of life… Thank you so much for keeping this blog!

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I really loved this. AND she's a hooper! Yay, Emma! You rock!

Awesome and inspiring interview. Leave a comment Cancel reply. I believe that everyone and everything is interesting. You too? New Reader? Start here. I want to read about As Seen In.